How to stop thinking about my Ex girlfriend/boyfriend??

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Last Updated: 04/09/2018 at 11:40PM

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Aug 29th, 2018 03:49PM

Anam Mukaddam

You need to believe in yourself and also a fact that not everyone around is going to stay in our life and love us for very long time. If your boyfriend/girlfriend have left you or broken up with you, you need to believe that it's their loss and not yours. Try to divert your mind by doing things you like to, spend more time with friends who really care, spend time with your family, if you have siblings share your emotional state with them, go out for a walk somewhere close to the seaside as it will make you feel refreshed, watch movies, go for an outing, and so on.
Aug 29th, 2018 03:53PM

Srishti Narula

It may be quite difficult to stop thinking about something/someone especially when you are trying very hard not to think about them. Thoughts are very difficult to stop. Its easier to control how we deal with and react to the thoughts. If you find yourself continuously thinking about an ex, try to focus on positive things that make you feel good or things that require a lot of concentration in doing.
Sep 01st, 2018 05:39PM

Aishwarya Nair

Hello! I would like to start by thanking you for posting your question. Before I attempt to answer it, I would like to ask you, what might seem like a silly question. You don't need to tell me the answer, it's more something you should be asking yourself- Have you asked yourself why you want to stop thinking about your ex? Do you think it will help you move on? Was it a bad relationship or a good one? Was the break-up painful and was it mutual or one-sided? Do you still have feelings for them? Do you miss them? Was the break-up recent? For how long were you together? Do you miss them? It is important to understand the 'why' before getting into the 'how'. You've probably shared your entire life with this person and then to suddenly not see them or stop talking to them, is extremely hard. Change always is, especially when you are not prepared for it. Breaking-up with someone is never easy and, as cliched as this sounds, the only thing that truly helps is time. Now, I don't know whether you have asked this question because you feel it will help you move on from the relationship or because of any one of the reasons that I have mentioned above. Assuming that you want to move on, there are some temporary measures you can take to do so. For example, spending time with family and friends, throwing yourself into work, doing something that you would never have done while you both were together. I call these temporary measures because there is no way that you can stop thinking about your ex once the relationship has ended, especially if it has ended recently. The funny thing about thoughts is that the more you want to stop thinking about something, the more likely it is that you will be thinking about it. It is better to allow these thoughts into your mind and reflect on why they have entered your mind at that particular time. What triggered these thoughts? Were you doing something that you both always did together or were you at some place that you guys used to go to together? What is it about those places or activities reminded you of them? Ironically, in order for you to stop thinking about them, you need to actually spend some time thinking about them and the relationship. This will enable you to understand yourself and the relationship better. I can promise that there will come a time when you will actually be surprised that you were thinking about them. In fact it is perfectly normal for you to wonder how they're doing and appreciate the good times you had in the relationship. It just takes time. Hope this answered your question!
Sep 04th, 2018 11:40PM


Hi, there. Firstly, I am so sorry that you had to go through a break-up. It's always tough to let go of someone. Especially, when that someone is so very close to your heart. In that case, missing is only natural. Thoughts of your ex-partner might be crossing your mind frequently even when you try to stop them. It generally happens because we're used to them. They become a habit for us. A partner/boyfriend/girlfriend makes us feel close, loved and understood. Maybe, you don't share that bond with your ex-partner now (or vice versa) which is why the break-up happened. Keep note of that. It's very important to remind oneself that the decision (mutual or not) of not being together was made. Once you remind yourself of these reasons and it might make perfect sense logically to leave them but as we know, it's tough to let go of that person emotionally. In that case, question every thought of your ex-partner and ask yourself how is that going to help you that in the future, does it contribute to your happiness and so on. Hope this helps!