How do I manage my daily Stress at home and at my workplace??

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Last Updated: 19/12/2018 at 12:31AM

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Nov 30th, 2018 11:38PM

Srishti Narula

Hi, thanks for your question. It is indeed quite challenging to manage work at home and at the workplace. The best method to mitigate this stress is self care. Take some time off in a day (as little as 15 minutes) and spend it relaxing. Take a couple of hours in a week to do an activity that you enjoy doing. Have a few people who you can talk to and share your concerns. It's always good to have someone who listens. All the Counsellors on this platform will also be happy to listen to your concerns and give more customised suggestions if you book a session. 
Dec 19th, 2018 12:31AM

Mertha Nyamande

I agree with my colleague Srishthi. Stress is in the wish and hope to satisfy the wishes and needs of others over those of your own. You would have learnt these traits growing up and you may feel you are not doing enough for others. This way of thinking often leaves you neglecting your own needs in order to meet the needs of others. I would encourage you to attend to your needs first, paying attention to your wishes and how realistic those wishes can be. Also realise that even God has left things incomplete and so it is ok to leave some things incomplete, allowing yourself time to reflect on what you have already done before resuming. Rome wasn't built in a day, try to adopt a similar way of thinking. If you continue to struggle, talking to a therapist will certainly be helpful. Good luck.