How can I stop getting nervous in front of people? I get very anxious and sometimes I start sweating. It becomes very awkward for me. My parents tell me that I should visit a doctor. But I don’t want to. How can I help myself without going to a doctor??

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Last Updated: 04/12/2019 at 10:17PM

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Dec 04th, 2019 11:17AM

Arpita Roy

What have you tried when nervousness visits you? Sometimes acknowledging the anxiety instead of trying to push it away helps. Deep breathing also helps to calm the mind.
Dec 04th, 2019 11:38AM

Nitin A. Lal

This can be part of Social Anxiety, accpetance is one thing, the other is to identify your underlying thoughts which might be bothering you regarding the social situation. Few sessions with a clincial psychologist may help you. The clinical psychologist may help you in identifying your thoughts/modfying them and providing you with relaxation techniques to deal with such social situations. 
Dec 04th, 2019 10:17PM

Dr. Vijendra Kumar SK

Dear friend, I agree with previous perspectives. However, you didn't mention how it's affecting your functioning - talking casual issues, responding your comments and other performances. If you are not affected by any of these, then it's not a big issue. Pranayama or rhythmic breathing is the nectar for it. Mindfulness also helps a lot. Follow what other counselors suggested.