How can I maintain a healthy body weight without dieting and exercising??

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Last Updated: 20/04/2019 at 04:57PM

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Apr 19th, 2019 09:58AM

Glenn Cajetan Nunes

In my view- there is a three pronged approach to this: Firstly - "reduce" fast foods and "gradually" move towards a more wholesome diet - a good nutritionist will help you in this regard, make sure that you enjoy your food and not just down it because you have to watch your weight. Secondly - do any physical activity you enjoy, to get your blood and energy moving. Not because you "have to do it" to control your weight. for e.g. if you enjoy dancing - then dance, if you enjoy a swim or a long walk or some innovative workout then do that - BUT do it because you "enjoy doing it" and not to control your weight - because then it becomes an exercise you "have to do" and its no longer enjoyable. And thirdly - reduce the stress and negative emotions/energies in your life. Stress and negative emotions/energies interfere with the natural digestion/assimilation processes of your body, in some cases causing you to accumulate "unwanted weight" in your body. If you take care of these three things - I feel it will be possible to maintain a healthy natural weight.
Apr 20th, 2019 04:57PM


In my opinion, maintaining weight is also about focusing on healthy intake rather than focusing on reducing unhealthy intakes. Summers require plenty of hydration. So instead of sodas and other breverages, one can switch to juices and shakes (fruits). Just Being mindful about what you are feeding to your body helps. Alongside, having a discipline in terms of daily routine works wonders for most of our health problems. Three timely meals a day. Make it a point to never miss the meal time. If work/lifestle does not permit the same, find alternatives that work. Keeping dry fruits handy in my pocket, helps me personally deal with my lifestyle barriers that come in way of the three timely meals. Even if one cannot find time for physical excercises, one can take out time for simple breathing and relaxation excercises - anytime during the day. It helps reducing stress hence the binging that follows. Incorporate simple healthy health habits and you will notice your body rewarding you soon enough!