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Academic Stress

Are Deadlines, Academic Stress, Exam Pressure, Competitions, making things strenuous and difficult for you?

We realize the challenges you as a student face today both academically, and at personal and interpersonal level. The directionless thoughts and your efforts to get a direction, to do something meaningful, something that ensures you happiness and satisfaction at the same time settle things for you.

Our devoted team of qualified professionals at Rich Psych aims at helping you to get that direction and develop a holistic attitude and perception towards your Academics and Career.

We apply a Multi-Modal Approach called "SELF MANAGEMENT"

S Social Management

E Emotional Management

L Legal Management

F Financial Management

This integrates essential aspects of your life; which must be managed in the right way for a more balanced and happier life. So instead of trial and error, get help and guidance from experienced and qualified professionals who have helped many students to develop the right outlook at the right time and realise their optimal potential.

P.S. - Rich Psych offers special help for Children and Adolescents.

Just let us know what you seek and RICH PSYCH will be right there to help you!