About Us

Rich Psych is a platform of the Counsellors, by the Counsellors and for the Counsellors to provide matchless Counselling Services and Assistance to you.

An organisation started by a group of curious budding psychologists, we feel that efficient, hassle-free mental health and well-being services should be available with just a few clicks. We aim to harness the contemporary power of the Internet and its efficient integration with delivering the Well-Being and Psychological Health Services.

Here at Richpsych.com Counsellors, Psychologists, Mental Health Professionals, Life-Skills Trainers and Consultants from across the globe, all come under one roof.

VISION: To provide you with an affordable and efficient platform for Mental Health Services and "Emotional" Well-Being.

MOTTO: Enriching Lives in a wholesome way.

Rich Psych aims at being a hand-in-hand partner with you in your journey towards the positive change that you seek. This change is a collaborative process and hence we come together as a team - You, Your Counsellor and Rich Psych.

We believe in bringing about an adaptive change and envision to equip you with ways that you may become a better decision maker and an optimal user of your abilities to manage your Emotional, Social and overall Well-Being.

On an Ideological ground, Rich Psych defiantly doesn’t believe in giving names to a problem or tagging people with it. Rather this platform strives toward creating what could be defined as normalcy for each individual.

We here @ Rich Psych want to make sure that you get the DIRECTION AND GUIDANCE to cope with distress and enhance your well-being manifolds.

Wondering why Rich Psych?

Well, who doesn't want to have a personal counsellor?

Life isn’t that smooth cruise ride that we expect it to be. But resembles more a rollercoaster than a rosy boulevard and Rich Psych is the place that helps you smoothen up this journey, ‘Your Life.’

Rich Psych offers you a Safe, Secure and Confidential platform to seek help for the problems that are causing you distress and you can’t cope on your own. These services are offered at a very affordable price and with utmost Efficiency and Ethics.




  • We are totally dedicated to your Privacy.
  • Talk Anonymously: You don’t need to disclose your Identity.
  • All Interactions with the Counsellors are Secured and Encrypted.
  • We follow the best practices in Online Security and Safety Standards.
  • All your information is Safe with us as our Databases are Encrypted.

As Simple as Candy Crush, highly confidential like your Passwords and holds the highest ethical principles in helping you out to crush your distress and come out more resilient. So, there’s no need to prolong your distress, when help is just a click away!